Operating Policy

Section 1 - Performance Bond

Each Zone Association must post a $500.00 performance bond to the R.R.L.A. by April 1st. of each year.  In order to remain in good standing the Zone Association must maintain its permanent bond at it’s full value.  If it has been depleted by the R.R.L.A for cause, the bond must be replenished to the nominal amount no later than ten (10) days after notice of a deduction.

Section 2 - Coaching

All coaching staff must be properly certified as per CLA minimum coaching standards to be on the bench.

Section 3 - Age Categories

  • Mini Tyke - 6 and under
  • Tyke - 7 and 8 
  • Novice - 9 and 10
  • Pee Wee - 11 and 12
  • Bantam - 13 and 14
  • Midget - 15 and 16   ( 17 with permission of RRLA & MLD as per guidelines)
  • Intermediate - 17 and 18
  • Junior C - 21 and under
  • Junior B - 21 and under
  • Senior - 22 and over

Section 4 - The Season

  1. Tyke and Novice - start season last week of April and to end prior to the July long weekend.
  2. Pee Wee B, Bantam B and Midget B - start season last week of April and to end prior to the July long weekend.
  3. Pee Wee A, Bantam A and Midget A - start season last week of April and end no later than the 3rd. weekend of July. 
  4. Intermediate, Junior and Senior - start season last week of April or first week of May and must end prior to the August long weekend - may be modified.
  5. PLAY DATES FOR ALL AGE GROUPS - will be scheduled using available Facility dates under the guidelines stated above in sections 1 to 4. 
  6. PLAY-OFFS FOR B DIVISION (Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget) - will be split into B, C, D divisions depending on the number of teams in any given division:

a) 2- 5 teams - B division playoffs                                                  

b) 6 - 10 teams - B & C division playoffs

c) 11 and above - B, C & D division playoffs

Teams are to be seeded as to their end of season standings within their age division, when numbers allow for a B & C or an B,C & D split and there are an odd number of teams a decision will be made as to the division groupings taking into account the final standings. Ie: if the season ends with 9 teams in an age division and the top 4 teams win/loss ratio are closer to each other than the win/loss ratio for teams 5 to 9 the B division will be teams 1 to 4 in the standings and C division will be 5 to 9. The same method will be used for determining a B, C & D split.

NEW 2017/18 Tie Breaking Procedure

If two or more clubs are tied in points during the regular season, the standing of the clubs is determined in the following order:

  1. The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs.  Teams will be evaluated on whose record is better between the tied clubs.
  2. The greater differential between goals for and against for the entire regular season.

Section 5 - Equipment

  1. Please refer to Canadian Lacrosse Association Equipment standards.
  2. Mouth guards are mandatory for all age groups as per the MLA and CLA policy.

Section 6 - Teams

  1. All Zones within the R.R.L.A. must have at least one ‘A’ team in the Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget age categories. This procedure has been suspended for the 2016 season until the RRLA Board reinstates the policy
  2. Zones that have a large number of players registered in one age category shall be formed by dividing the total number of registered players in each Division by the maximum roster number to obtain the number of teams to be entered according to the following chart:

A) Pee Wee and Bantam minimum - 13 runners and 2 goaltenders.  Maximum - CLA Rule #14 - below

            B) Midget - Maximum - CLA Rule #14 A - maximum of 20 players. 18 runners and 2 goaltenders

No. of Teams

                                          A              B                              C (House)

 I                                       1

2                                       1                                               2nd team option of A or B

3                                       1                1                             3rd team option of A or B

4                                       1                2                             4th team option of A or B

5                                       2                2                             5th team option of A or B

6                                       2                2                             2

7                                       3                2                             2

8                                       3                3                             2

9                                       3                3                             3

10                                     4                4                             2

11                                     4                4                             3

12                                     4                4                             4

13                                     5                5                             3

14                                     5                5                             4

15                                     5                5                             5

Any Zone wishing a variance to the team formation format must apply in writing giving the reasons for their request. Any variance must be passed by a majority vote of the RRLA Board members.

      3.    Team Selection Process

1. The Zone should select up to THREE coaches for each team.

2. The Zone should run a minimum of two evaluation practices. The coaches and the Zone will evaluate the players. The Zone is responsible for providing information, an evaluation on past performance if applicable, on players that are eligible for the teams but are unable to attend the evaluation practices. The Zone evaluations should be given to the coaches prior to the draft.

3. The coaches must advise the Zone, prior to the draft, of any players that should be on their team due to special circumstances, (i.e. son, daughter, step-child, nephew, niece, etc.) This should be brought to the attention of the opposing coaches. The opposing coach will not be allowed to draft those players during the first 4 rounds. (The Zone will judge whether the special circumstance is justified)

4. The zone should provide the coaches with a list of any players that have requested to play together.

5. The Zone will run the draft with each coach selecting one player at a time. (coin flip to see who selects first)

6. At the end of the draft, upon mutual agreement of the coaches and the Zone, up to two players can be traded to accommodate requests from item 4. The Zone can also instigate trades of up to two players to correct any perceived inequities in the teams. The Zone will have final say in the matter.

7. Any players that register after the draft will be assigned to a team at the sole discretion of the Zone. If teams are actively recruiting to bring their numbers up to a more manageable level, the Zone should give extra consideration to the teams that are putting in the effort to attract additional players.

Section 7 - Eligibility and Registration

1.          A $500 non-refundable team deposit must be submitted to the RRLA by April 1st.

2.          All players must be registered with the RRLA zones by April 15th. 

3.          All team registration forms along with final payment must be submitted by April 15th. to the RRLA.  Team registration forms must be submitted in hard copy, electronic forms will be accepted.

4.          Players may not be registered on more than one (1) box lacrosse team during the box season. Unless authorized by the RRLA so that a team or division may play the season with a reasonable roster size (CLA rules for roster size will pertain)

5.     In the RRLA a player may play above their registered age group as long as the coach from their registered team has given consent. Player may play only one age classification higher.

6.      Players are only allowed to play on the team for which they registered for play-offs. See call up, AP player rules below for special circumstances and clarification.

7.    Players must register in the geographical Zone in which they reside. Player transfers between Zones can be facilitated by the completion of the Player Transfer - APENDIX FORM # 2 - Transfers are for one year/season and the player reverts back to their home Zone after this time period. At all times the home Zone is responsible for ensuring that their transferred players are comfortable with the transfer process and that the player’s best interests are being considered.

8.     Coaches eligibility - as per CLA minimum coaching standards. CLA Form 100’s must be completed and submitted to the MLA office with the team registration forms by April 15th.

9.        Addition/Deletion forms must be completed and submitted to the MLA office by May 15th.

Associate Player Call Up;  (Revised 2018)

In the event of a team not being able to floor a full compliment of players, they will be allowed to call up associate players, including the goalie, to the appropriate compliment recommended by the LTAD, that being 15 players for Novice to Bantam, and 20 players for Midget, Intermediate, Junior, and Senior. The maximum number of players to be dressed for any game is as per the CLA rule, 18 runners and 2 goalies.  The following rules will apply;

  1. No player will be available for call up if their league team is playing or practicing at the time they are required for the call up game and without the permission of the coach of the team they are registered to.
  2. Call up players must come from teams associated within the Club or Zone of the team requesting players.
  3. The player’s team coach, assistant coach or manager must be contacted to confirm the availability of the player for the game he/she is being called up to.
  4. Players may be called up within an age group only from a lower division team ie: from B to A - not laterally between teams in the same division.
  5. Players may be called up from a lower age group from either A or B.
  6. Due to the short supply of goaltenders (especially at the older age groups) a team may request the use of a goaltender from their own division or the divisions below if their goaltender is unable to attend their league game. For Midget an intermediate age goalie may be used with RRLA permission as long as they have not reached their 18th birthday. A goalie may be called up from a lower division or age group from another Zone if there isn’t a goalie available from the team’s home Zone. This will also include age advanced goalies.
  7. The designation of AP must be printed on the game sheet next to all players on call up for that game.
  8. Associate players will be allowed 5 game call ups for the season for each associate team. Call ups for the playoffs are limited to 3 games no matter if the player still has eligibility under the season 5 game rule.
  9. For playoffs no players are available for call up unless the team they are registered with is not playing and only with their team’s coach agreeing to the call up.
  10. Any team who utilises associate players for a playoff game and sits a player/s on their normal team roster, (who is available to compete) will forfeit the game and the coaching staff will be liable for disciplinary action from the RRLA and MLA. ie. A coach sits or asks a player not to attend a game so as to use an associate player in their place.
  11. A team in Minor Lacrosse will be allowed to use AP players up to the appropriate compliment recommended by the LTAD. ie; if a Bantam team has 14 players, including the goalie, on their League roster and they have 2 players unavailable - they are allowed to AP 3 players to bring their team up to the maximum roster of 15.  
  12. These call up rules apply to regular season and playoff games.


Section 8 - Overage Application - APENDIX FORM #1


See attached sample.




  1. Each zone must establish a Registration Committee to be chaired by the Director. The Committee shall have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members named by the region prior to the commencement of registration. One of the members of the Registration Committee shall be the appropriate Zone Registrar.
  2. The Hockey Manitoba office will make Overage Application Forms available to each Minor Association, Director and Zone Registrar by May 1st of each year.
  3.     Applicant completes top portion of form.
    1. “RATIONALE” MUST be clearly completed. The application MUST specifically refer to the criteria on which the application is based. Any application that does not clearly refer to criteria shall not be considered for approval and the applicant so notified by the Zone Registrar. Applicants are advised that the rationale should be detailed and fully-Inclusive with all pertinent information clearly explained. Applicants are encouraged to provide supportive documentation that would strengthen the substance of the application.
  4.  Process
    1. Applicant conveys Overage Application to the local Minor Lacrosse Association for approval or denial.
    2. If approved, the applicant sends the form to the Director of the region who informs the Regional Registration Committee.
    3. If approved, the application is sent to the Zone Registrar who checks the application and forwards it to the Chair of the Zone.
    4. If approved by the Chair, (in consultation with the Executive Director), the Zone Registrar is notified. The Zone Registrar adds the player’s name to the team roster and notifies the Minor Lacrosse Association.
    5. In situations b through d, if the application is denied the Zone Registrar informs the applicant. 
  5. Application must be completed, have received approval from the local Association and sent to the Director prior to May 1st of the current season. Within ten working days of receipt of the application by the Director, a decision shall be made to approve or deny the application and the applicant must be informed of the decision. If a decision is not rendered by the tenth day, the application shall be deemed approved. 
  6. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all related documents/forms are submitted to each successive person/committee who will be reviewing the application.


Applicants should ensure that all necessary documentation has been submitted with the application. Applications are not approved until the applicant is so notified by the Zone Registrar.

The following criteria apply to Overage Applications. The criteria that applies, and information supporting the relevant criteria, must be cited on the application or the application will be denied.

1.              An Overage Player may only be one year older than the age category in which the player applies to play.

2.             A player who has a physical or mental disability must have the application supported by documentation received from a medical physician.

3.             A goaltender (Pee Wee and above) that the Minor Lacrosse Association wishes to play in the next lower age division in order to ice a team. The lower division team must not have a goaltender, and without a goaltender playing down, a team could not be formed.

4.             A player who wishes to play down an age division due to being significantly smaller in stature and/or possessing significantly weaker Lacrosse skills than the players with whom the player is chronologically eligible to play. Documentation must be received from the RRLA substantiating the physical limitations of the player.

5.              A new player (never registered nor played before) and whose skill level is significantly inferior to the players with whom the player is chronologically eligible to play. Documentation must be received from the Minor Lacrosse Association substantiating the skill level limitations of the player.

6.              A player for whom there is no team to play on within the player’s age-appropriate division and for whom there is not a team within reasonable distance from the home center.

7.             A player wants to play down in order to play only within an Association’s house league.

8.              A player who is needed at a age level down so that team may compete during the season.

9.          A player who has turned 17 and under the rules of the MLD is to be placed in Midget B as there is no space  for them on a Junior team.

All approved Overage Applications are subject to periodic review. It is not intended for players whose skill level would permit them to play with their chronological age division, to be allowed to play as Overage Players with a lower age division.

Players who have received Overage approval from The RRLA are eligible for all Lacrosse activities with the exception for regional playoffs and provincial tournaments.

Each application, once approved by the Chair of the category involved, must bring the application to the next Executive meeting for approval.

Section 9 - Game Duration

1.      Period and game duration are as follows;

Tykes - ½ court 3 on 3 with goalies - as per CLA directives 1 hour floor time.

Novice and Peewee - 3 x 12 min. stop time periods allotted full game time 60 min.

Bantam, Midget & Intermediate - 3 x 15 min. stop time periods allotted full game time 90 min

Junior B, C & Senior - ½ hour warm up 3 x 20 min stop time periods allotted full game time 150 min

2.      All games must be started within 20 min. of their scheduled commencement time. If a game is running over time due to a late start, to injury time or referee stoppage the game clock may be run non stop with approval of the head referee and both coaches. All CLA rules apply, Rule 19 Game Play,

3.      Further points;


In the event a team fails to attend a league scheduled game, and has not informed the League, Zone and RIF within 72 hours prior to game time of a problem attending the match, the RRLA will fine the parent Zone for all costs incurred including floor time, referee’s costs including travel and the cost of 2 minor officials. These funds will be subtracted from the Zone performance bond. 


If a team, is off the floor at the start of the game or at the start of the period, or having been ordered or permitted to go off the floor by the referee, fails to go on the floor and start play within five minutes after having been ordered to do so by the referee, the offending team shall be liable to be fined for the cost of the game forfeited and the matter shall be reported to the League Office for further action.


If, when both teams are on the floor, one team for any reason shall refuse to start play when ordered to do so by the referee, or shall leave the floor without being ordered or permitted to do so by the referee, the referee shall warn the offending team and allow it fifteen (15) seconds which to start or resume play. If at the end of that time the team shall refuse to start play, the referee shall impose a two-minute penalty on a player of the offending team to be designated by it’s Coach or Captain. Should the offending team still refuse to start play, the referee shall warn it that it has one (1) minute to commence play, failing which it shall be fined the cost of floor as well as the cost of all referees plus minor officials time and the referee shall so notify the team. Should the offending team still refuse  to play, the referee shall warn the team that it has five (5) minutes to commence play; failing which the game shall be forfeited and the matter shall be reported to the League for further action.


Notification or warning a team under this rule may be given to any one of the following: Club Executive, General Manager, Coach or Captain. By phone accompanied by a written statement delivered by mail or email


Any Coach who takes his team off the floor and refuses to start play or complete a game upon request of the referee shall be automatically suspended for the balance of the season and the offending Club shall be automatically subject to a fine of game costs. The League shall issue instructions pertaining to the records, etc. of forfeited game.

Section 10 - Facilities

  1. Each zone will be responsible for providing to the Scheduler one half of their scheduled home games.
  2. These dates must be provided to the Scheduler by April 1st.
  3. If dates are not provided the R.R.L.A. Scheduler will assign games to facilities where availability exists.
  4. Bantam A and above - Gateway is not acceptable for play.
  5. The R.R.L.A. will assign all play-off games in cooperation with the zone representatives.

Section 11 - Travel Permit for Out of Province Tournaments

  1. Teams that are attending out of province tournaments must submit a playing roster and dates of the tournament one (1) month prior to travel.  The R.R.L.A. will review all requests for travel and if approved will provide the MLA with notification that the R.R.L.A. has either approved or denied the travel request.

Section 12 - Boundaries`       

12.1     Zone 1 - East

·        East of the Red River

·        North to the Perimeter

·        East to the Perimeter

·        South to Dugald Road

·        Includes Dugald, Oakbank and East St Paul

12.2    Zone 2 - North

·        West of the Red River

·        North to the Perimeter

·        South to the Assiniboine River

·        East of Route 90

·        West at East St. Paul on Highway No. 8 and West (Interlake)


12.3     Zone 3 - West

·        North - South of the Assiniboine River

·        South Perimeter to McGillivery does not include Oak Bluff

·        West of Keneston  to Wilkes Ave to McCreary Rd to McGillivery east to Perimeter Hwy

·        West of the Perimeter to Number 7 hwy

·        La Verendrye Rd to the East, Headingly, Portage etc.

12.4    Zone 4 - South

·        All the south of Winnipeg

·        St. Norbert, Steinbach, La Salle, Oak Bluff etc.

·        South of the Perimeter Hwy.

12.5     Zone 5

·        South of Dugald

·        North of Pine Falls

·        East of Highway 11

·        West of Highway 7 to the perimeter

12.6    Zone 6

 Section 13 - Refunds

13.1     General Rule

  • No refunds will be considered after April 1st
  • Refunds with Doctors Certificate will be made up to the commencement of League play
  • Refunds under the above rule will have deductions for CLA fees, Zone expenses & camp fees were applicable. 

Section 14 - Tournaments

  1. The request for hosting of tournaments must be submitted to the R.R.L.A. by Apri; 10th .
  2. The R.R.L.A. will review all requests for tournaments and if approved will provide the MLA with notification.
  3. All tournaments must also be sanctioned by the MLA.

Section 15 - CLA

All CLA rules are in place except those that have been modified by the MLA or RRLA through the RRLA  Constitution or Operating Policies.

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